Mission Statement

To make the Bloomingdale Community a desirable place for home ownership by beautifying and protecting the Community’s common areas through pro-active management of Community infrastructure, while being good stewards of our constituent’s tax dollars.

Next Regular Meetings

Monday, April 9, 2018
at 6:30 p.m.
Regular meeting

Monday, May 14, 2018
at 6:30 p.m.
Regular meeting

All meetings are
open to the public.



Referendum for Tax Assessment Increase on August 28 Primary Ballot!

The Board of Trustees of the Bloomingdale Special Taxing District  voted to have a Referendum placed on the ballot for the August 28, 2018, Primary Election to increase the current annual tax assessment from $130 to $170. This increase is imperative to keep the aging Bloomingdale Community common areas maintained--the last increase was over 10 years ago. Please plan to attend a BSTD Board meeting, held the second Monday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at the Bloomingdale Community Offices, 3509 Bell Shoals Road, to have your questions about the increase answered.

Welcome to the Bloomingdale Special Taxing District!

Bloomingdale was developed in the 80’s and over the years has become the thriving community we have today. When you enter this community, you are enveloped in clouds of greenery, both above and to your left and your right.  Trees are numerous and their branches provide a canopy, almost shutting out the glaring sun and providing shelter from the tropical storms. No other community provides such a welcome retreat from the busy highways in so dramatic a way as Bloomingdale. Who fixes the irrigation system when it springs a leak? Who rebuilds and repaints walls when they are damaged? Who cleans up after a storm, or replants after a freeze? Who plants the poinsettias? Who installs new plants and flowers every year? Who lays new sod when the old dies? Who takes down all those signs that appear overnight, and picks up all the litter? Who replaces flags and lights and signs and benches when they need repairs or renewal? Who nurses sick trees back to health and replaces when they reach the end of their natural lives? The answer to all these questions is; The Bloomingdale Special Taxing District. In 1985 the Bloomingale Special Taxing District was formed by an adopting ordnance.  There was a need for a body of people to maintain the common areas Today, this same organization exists and although the names of the Trustees have changed, they have the same aims and community spirit. The Trustees are elected officials who serve a term of 4 years. The Bloomingdale Taxing District is a government agency and a trustee is in a responsible position and there are some regulations that they have to abide by. But anyone who lives in Bloomingdale and is a registered voter can put themselves forward at election time, to serve on a seat that is due to be vacated.  If a seat becomes vacant between elections, interested residents can present themselves at a board meeting and be voted onto the board by the other Trustees. This group of Trustees meet on a monthly basis, (more if required), and makes decisions about the common areas of Bloomingdale. That is from the edge of the street, not including the sidewalk, to the walls of neighborhoods.  They also maintain all the major entranceways ensuring that the landscaping is fresh and the lighting is in good working order. More importantly, who pays for all this? The simple answer is you do.  Within your property taxes there is a section regarding non-ad-valorem taxes.  Next time you get your property trim notice check it out.  TheBloomingdale Special Taxing District is part and parcel of that notice. Currently you pay $130.00 a year, no matter the value of your property. This money comes back to the Taxing district and they use it to keep Bloomingdale beautiful. With almost 5,000 properties in the Bloomingdale district this amounts to quite a bit of fiscal responsibility on the part of your Trustees and there are several checks and balances in place to ensure that your money is used wisely.